Sara Hobolt awarded EU FP7 grant

The European Commission has awarded a €2.4M grant under the Seventh Framework Programme to an international consortium `Providing an Infrastructure for Research on Electoral Democracy in the European Union` (PIREDEU) in which the University of Oxford is a central partner.

Dr Sara Hobolt is Deputy Chair of this pan-European project, with special responsibility for project integration.

The main objective of PIREDEU is to provide an infrastructure for research into citizenship, political participation, and electoral democracy in the European Union. This three-year design study will collect data on voters, elites, parties and the media in 27 countries in the context of the 2009 European Election Studies.

PIREDEU has its origins in the European Election Studies (EES) conducted under various auspices since 1979. PIREDEU involves more than 20 participating researchers from 14 partner universities, including Oxford, and a large community of affiliated experts from all EU member states, and is co-ordinated by the European University Institute and its Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies.

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Sara Hobolt is University Lecturer in Comparative European Politics and Fellow of Lincoln College.