Professor Ray Duch Awarded BA Conference Grant

Professor Ray Duch has been awarded a British Academy Conference Grant for his ReMiSS conference, Theoretical and Empirical Contributions to Modelling Context in the Vote Decision`.
The conference will assemble scholars making innovative contributions - both theoretical and empirical - to modelling the impact of context on the vote decision. Context here is defined very broadly to include, among other contextual factors, political institutions, the strategic voting context, the economic context, and the framing efforts of elites, the media and election campaign. The papers to be presented at the conference will include a wide variety of theoretical and methodological approaches including formal theory, public opinion surveys, experiments, agent based modelling, and dynamic modelling techniques

The conference will take place on 1 June at Nuffield College.

Professor Ray Duch is the University Professor in Quantitative Political Science and Fellow at Nuffield College.