Mr Oisn Tansey Awarded ESRC Post-doctoral Fellowship

Mr Oisín Tansey was awarded an ESRC Post-doctoral Fellowship for his project entitled, ‘Democratic Transition in the Context of International Administration’. His Fellowship began in January 2007 and will continue to December 2007.

Oisín’s project focuses on the relationship between democratic transitions and large-scale international intervention. In particular, the concern is with transitions that occur in the context of international administration, where international actors not only provide assistance and guidance regarding domestic development, but also play a critical role in local politics by assuming governing roles that are more conventionally held by domestic actors. The research will aim to determine how international and domestic actors interact in the context of international administration, and how international influences are both transmitted to national-level politics and also mediated by diverse national-level contexts.

Mr Oisín Tansey is at Nuffield College.