Mr George Georgiadis Awarded ESRC Post-doctoral Fellowship

Mr George Georgiadis was awarded an ESRC Post-doctoral Fellowship for his project entitled, ‘The Political Economy of Post- Communist Economic Adjustment’. His Fellowship began in February 2007 and will continue to January 2008.
George’s project focuses on the politics of post-communist economic adjustment, and in particular on the relationship between regime type and the pace and scope of economic transitions. This line of research asks whether democratic regimes or their autocratic counterparts are more supportive to economic adjustment and liberalization, and why. The experience of post-communist transitions in the 1990s shows that the democracies in Central and Eastern Europe adopted the far-reaching and wide-scale economic adjustment measures, whereas less democratic/more autocratic regimes further to the east – the former Soviet Republics – took on the incremental changes. The research will aim to capture the observed empirical patterns over time and across countries, and to explain these patterns through a rigorous study of the interplay and causal links between external and domestic dynamics.

Mr George Georgiadis is at Nuffield College.