Russell Bogue

Russell Bogue

Research topic:
privacy, privacy rights, the historical and sociological development of privacy
Degree course:
DPhil, MPhil

Research Themes:
Political Theory Political thought and ideologies 

Academic Profile

I am currently a candidate for a D.Phil in Politics (Political Theory). I write on the conceptualization of privacy, including its historical evolution, and the possible justification(s) for privacy rights. Previously, I received my M.Phil with distinction from the department in 2018, and I graduated from the University of Virginia in 2016 with a B.A. in Government and Foreign Affairs. When not in the DPIR, I can be found on the squash court. 


Rhodes Scholarship

Truman Scholarship

Jefferson Scholarship (University of Virginia)

Echols Scholarship (University of Virginia)


"Seeing and Being Seen," The Hedgehog Review 21.1 (Winter 2019) [forthcoming]

Conference Papers and Presentations

February 2018, Rothermere American Institute, Oxford: "Understanding Privacy"

May 2018, Sciences Po, Paris: "The Socio-Political Justification for Privacy"