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Monica Kaminska

Monica Kaminska

Research topic:
Cybersecurity and International Relations

Academic Profile

Monica Kaminska is a DPhil Candidate in Cyber Security at Oxford’s Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security. Her doctoral research focuses on states’ responses to large-scale cyber attacks. Monica has previously investigated election interference through social media and the presence of misinformation and automated activity on technology platforms. Prior to her doctoral studies, she worked in the professional services sector in London and also has experience with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Monica currently collaborates with Oxford Analytica as an expert contributor. Monica holds an MPhil in Geographical Research from the University of Cambridge and a BSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics. 


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Conference Papers and Presentations

Monica Kaminska. “Restraints under Conditions of Uncertainty: Why Liberal Democratic States Tolerate Cyber Attacks”. Paper presented at the 2019 Hague Cyber Norms Conference.