Opportunities for Students


DPIR offers training in teaching, and also maintains a ‘Tutorial Register’, which includes lists of graduate students who would like to offer tutorials to undergraduates studying for Philosophy, Politics and Economics and History and Politics degrees. Please note that there are conditions of entry to this scheme.


In addition to supporting students in publishing in major peer-reviewed journals, we can offer the following publishing opportunities:
The Oxford University Politics blog, a collaborative effort between DPIR and the Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge, aims to promote and disseminate our research, to engage in scholarly debate on current affairs, addressing topical issues in a timely fashion. Graduate students are welcome to submit contributions to the blog.
St Antony’s International Review (STAIR) is a peer-reviewed, academic journal established in 2005 by graduate members of St Antony’s College. STAIR provides a forum in which emerging scholars can publish their work alongside established academics and policy-makers, and operates a double-blind peer review process.

Research assistance and other work for DPIR

See our section on Fees and funding.

Research events

DPIR doctoral students may have the opportunity to convene academic seminars, workshops or conferences.

Prizes and accolades

DPIR graduate students may be awarded a prize (either internal to DPIR, national or international) for an outstanding thesis. All student prizes and accolades, as well as media engagement by DPIR students, are publicised on the DPIR website.

Careers service

Whilst at Oxford, graduate students can access impartial and comprehensive support in career planning and management. The Careers service at the University of Oxford offers job vacancies, internships, events, skills sessions, fairs and resources.

Career Connect is a web-based database of Oxford alumni who have volunteered to share their career experiences with current students. This provides current students and recent graduates with behind-the-scenes insights into an organisation or occupation, as well as creating valuable opportunities for networking.

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