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Methods Training

Research methods training is a compulsory element of all of the taught graduate courses at the DPIR, and is also strongly encouraged for all DPhil candidates. The department promotes a plurality of methods in the work of its students, and as such offers a wide variety of methods courses to its students.

For all taught degrees there is a compulsory methods course taught in the first term, which is specific to your degree programme. This includes a number of different qualitative approaches to research, as well as basic statistical methods training.

In the second and third terms of your programme you have the opportunity to choose between many different methods courses. These are described in more detail on the pages for each course. These courses will help you to broaden your repertoire of research techniques and will support you as you begin to think about researching and writing your thesis. You are encouraged to continue to develop your research skills throughout your graduate career and beyond the formal requirements of your programme.