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As a graduate student you may undertake a period of overseas fieldwork for your MPhil or DPhil research.

Fieldwork may involve:

  • Elite interviews with policy-makers and political elites or interviews in the field
  • Desk research using archival or library resources
  • Surveys to produce larger data sets for quantitative analysis
  • Ethnographic fieldwork conducted over a period of time by living in a community/country or working in an institution

In the last few years students from the Department have spent time undertaking research in Angola, Argentina, Belarus, Burundi, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, India, Kenya, Russia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Thailand, Tanzania, Uganda, Europe and North America.

Some funding for fieldwork is available through a number of Departmental and College schemes to which students can apply. Your supervisor will help you plan your fieldwork and training is provided through research design workshops and sessions on specific techniques such as elite interviewing and panel data.