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Martijn van den Brink

Martijn van den Brink


British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow

Martijn van den Brink is a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford. His postdoctoral project, ‘Religious Equality and Employment within the European Union’, examines which employment practices affecting the freedom of religion and belief must be outlawed within the European Union.

Prior to joining the University of Oxford, Martijn was a postdoctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Göttingen, where he worked on a project, entitled, ‘The Boundaries of Citizenship within the European Union’. He holds a PhD from the European University Institute, Florence. His PhD thesis was on the Authority of the European Union Legislature.

Martijn holds degrees in law and political science from the Universities of Oxford and Groningen. He held visiting positions at the University of Michigan and the University of Zagreb.

Research Interests

EU law and politics, citizenship and migration, legislative studies, religious freedom and non-discrimination


Peer-Reviewed Articles

2021: 'The European Union's Demoicratic Legislature' International Journal of Constitutional Law (forthcoming)

2021: 'Is it Time to Abolish the Substance of EU Citizenship Rights Test?' European Journal of Migration and Law (forthcoming)

2020: ‘A Qualified Defence of the Primacy of Nationality over European Union Citizenship' International and Comparative Law Quarterly

2019: ‘Justice, Legitimacy, and the Authority of Legislation in the European Union’ (82) 2 Modern Law Review 293-318

2019: ‘EU Citizenship and Fundamental Rights: Empirical, Conceptual, and Theoretical Problems’ (25) 1 European Law Journal 21-36

2019: ‘Against Associate EU Citizenship’, The Journal of Common Market Studies; co-author: Dimitry Kochenov

2019: ‘Bold but without Justification? Tjebbes’, (4) 1 European Papers 409-415

2016: ‘What’s in a Name Case? Some Lessons for the Debate on the Free Movement of Same-Sex Couples within the EU’ (17) 3 German Law Journal 421-450

2016: ‘Secessions from EU Member States: The Imperative of Union’s Neutrality’ (1) 1 European Papers 67-92; co-author: Dimitry Kochenov


Book Chapters

2020: ‘EU Competence and Investor Migration’ in Dimitry Kochenov and Kristin Surak (eds), The Law of Citizenship and Money (CUP); co-author: Daniel Sarmiento

2019: ‘The Problem with Market Citizenship and the Beauty of Free Movement’ in Fabian Amtenbrink et al (eds), The Internal market and the Future of European Integration (CUP).

2019: ‘The Promises and Drawbacks of EU Citizenship for a Polycentric Union’ in Josephine van Zeben and Ana Bobic (eds), Policentricity in the European Union (CUP)

2017: ‘The Origins and Potential Federalising Effects of the Substance of Rights Doctrine’ in Dimitry Kochenov (ed), EU Citizenship and Federalism: The Role of Rights (CUP).            


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