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Mads Andreas Elkjær

Mads Andreas Elkjær

Postdoctoral Research Fellow WEALTHPOL Project
Nuffield College

Mads Andreas Elkjær is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow on the WEALTHPOL Project at the Department of Politics and International Relations, and at Nuffield College. His research lies in the fields of comparative politics and political economy, focusing on political representation, economic inequality, and redistribution. In particular, Mads engages with questions of how rising economic inequality affects the distribution of political power and influence in advanced democracies. He holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Southern Denmark. 



Research Interests

comparative politics, political economy, political representation, inequality, redistribution 


Elkjær, Mads A., and Torben Iversen. Forthcoming. The Political Representation of Economic Interests: Subversion of Democracy or Middle-Class Supremacy? World Politics

Elkjær, Mads A. Forthcoming. What Drives Unequal Policy Responsiveness? Assessing the Role of Informational Asymmetries in Economic Policy-Making. Comparative Political Studies