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Julia Zulver

Julia Zulver

(DPhil (Sociology), MPhil (Latin American Studies))

Postdoctoral Gender Research Officer
Pembroke College

I completed my DPhil in Sociology in August 2018. Currently, I am working as the Gender Research Officer for Oxford’s CONPEACE Programme at the Changing Character of War Centre. I am undertaking fieldwork at the Colombian-Venezuelan border to investigate the gendered impacts of the reconfiguration of armed conflict and Venezuelan migration on women living the borderlands.

As of January 2020 I will begin a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Fellowship at the UNAM in Mexico City and the University of Oxford.

Research Interests

I am a political sociologist whose work focuses on women’s mobilisation in high risk contexts, mainly in Latin America. My approach to research is interdisciplinary, drawing on social movements studies, transitional justice, and gender studies.

My doctoral thesis (Department of Sociology, University of Oxford) —“High Risk Feminism in Colombia: Women’s Mobilisation in High Risk Contexts” — looked at three grassroots organisations of displaced women who mobilise for gender justice in Colombia. It asked: why and how do women mobilise in contexts of high risk and insecurity? This project was an advancement of my MPhil project (Latin American Centre, University of Oxford), which asked similar questions about women’s mobilisation in gang-controlled zones in El Salvador. As part of my career, I have also investigated issues of intersectionality and gender in conflict settings. I have experiences working as a legal intern at the Centre for Reproductive Rights, as an outreach assistant for the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), and as a researcher for the Overseas Development Institute. 

I have published in journals including Latin American Perspectives, Gender, Place, and Culture, and Gender and Development. I have further publications in Monkey Cage (The Washington Post), LASA Forum, NACLA Report on the Americas, and justiceinfo.net (Oxford Transitional Justice Research).

Human rights Feminism Gender Rights and justice Social movements Violence security and conflict


Peer Reviewed Articles

Zulver, J. (2019, forthcoming). Mujeres Afrocolombianas por la Paz (AFROMUPAZ): Intersectional High Risk Feminism in Cara y Cuerpo de Mujer. Latin American Perspectives.

Zulver, J. (2017). Building the City of Women: Creating a Site of Feminist Resistance in a Conflict Zone. Gender, Place, and Culture, 24(10): 1498-1516.

Zulver, J. (2016). High Risk Feminism in El Salvador: Women’s Mobilisation in Violent Times. Gender and Development, 24(2): 171-185.


Reports and Public Commentary

Siddiqi, A., Peters, K., and Zulver, J. (May 2019). ‘Doble afectacion’: Living with disasters and conflict in Colombia. Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Working Paper.

Zulver, J. (December 2018). Colectiva Matamba: the Afro-Colombian Feminist Collective Mobilising against Structural Racism. NACLA Report on the Americas. [also available in Spanish].

Alba, M., Boesten, J., Idler, A., Masullo, J., Tickner, A., Zulver, J. (2018). Challenges in Colombia’s Changing Security Landscape: Toward a Shared Vision of Peace. LASA Forum 49(3): 75-80.

Zulver, J. (June 2018). Feasible Justice: Has Colombia Over-Promised and Under-Delivered Reparations for its 8.6 Million Victims? Oxford Transitional Justice Research/JusticeInfo.net.

Zulver, J. (2017). Informe Cualitativo de la Situación de Pobreza Multidimensional en República Dominicana. Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI).



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