China and Nuclear Responsibility in the Global Nuclear Order


Principal Investigator: Nicola Leveringhaus (nee Horsburgh)

This research programme explores what it means to be a responsible nuclear armed state in the global nuclear order, with a special focus on contemporary China. The programme contributes to a relatively small field of research on the idea of responsibility as a nuclear weapons state. China has been selected because despite an official declaratory policy of no-first-use and a nuclear force based on minimal retaliatory capabilities, assessments of China’s nuclear capabilities and intentions have been the subject of academic debate and international policy concern. Indeed, for some, China is an irresponsible nuclear weapons power based on reported transfers of nuclear material and missile technology since the 1980s to countries like Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia. The research will test the accuracy of this depiction, and refers to a wide body of literature that explores China’s growing participation in the global non-proliferation regime.


British Academy


BA Postdoctoral Fellowship

Project Start / End

Oct 2012 - Aug 2015

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