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Women's International Thought: A New History


Patricia Owens, Professor of International Relations, and Katharina Rietzler (University of Sussex) forge fresh perspectives and questions in their revisionist volume, the first ever cross-disciplinary history of women's international thought.



Bringing together some of the foremost historians and scholars of international relations working today, Women's International Thought: A New History recovers and analyses the path-breaking work of eighteen leading thinkers of international politics from the early to mid-twentieth century. Recovering and analyzing this important work, the essays offer revisionist accounts of IR's intellectual and disciplinary history and expand the locations, genres, and practices of international thinking.

Systematically structured, and focusing in particular on Black diasporic, Anglo-American, and European historical women, it does more than 'add women' to the existing intellectual and disciplinary histories from which they were erased. Instead, it raises fundamental questions about which kinds of subjects and what kind of thinking constitutes international thought, opening new vistas to scholars and students of international history and theory, intellectual history and women's and gender studies.


'A breath-taking eye-opener of a book and required reading for everyone studying international relations and the history of political thought. With cutting-edge scholarship … it reveals new horizons of internationalism, socialism, and solidarity. It unveils fierce critiques of the nation-state and imperialism, centres race and gender as topics within international thought, and reveals the ways in which the politics of race and gender have shaped the field. This book reshapes the field beautifully.'

Hannah Dawson - King’s College London


'This defies all conventions, categories, and canons to bring new, nuanced histories of women, intellectualism, and internationalism into view. With essays on socialist internationalist theory, war and empire, and global black liberation, these authors show that no study of internationalism - institutional or otherwise - can be complete without rigorous examination of women theorists.'

Ashley D. Farmer - University of Texas, Austin


'This points the way to a renovation of our canon in a field first named by a woman in 1929. Portending a new historiography, the results so far correct, encourage, and reprimand all those who have tried to write the history of antiracism, human rights, and peace, among so many other international causes and frameworks.'

Samuel Moyn - Yale University


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Professor Patricia Owens is Professor of International Relations and Tutorial Fellow at Somerville College