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China’s world view in the Xi Jinping Era: Where do Japan, Russia and the USA fit?

Rosemary Foot, Senior Research Fellow in International Relations, has co-authored an article on the country's relations with three key international players: Japan, Russia and the United States. Her co-author, Amy King, is an alumna of the Department.


A ‘world view’ perspective is deployed to show President Xi Jinping’s dominance of China’s policy-making environment and the ideas that he and his leadership group have tried to promote. We use this framework to explain China’s relations with three major countries that are crucial to manage successfully in order for China to consolidate its global and regional ambitions – Japan, Russia and the United States. The article shows how the degree of alignment between China’s and these great powers’ world views influences their levels of resistance or acceptance of the policies that flow from Beijing’s world view. We find that, while the United States and Russia lie at opposing ends of the resistance-acceptance spectrum, Japan represents an important middle ground along it. This finding encourages movement away from the overly simplistic dyadic depictions of global politics associated with ‘new Cold War’ or ‘authoritarian versus liberal’ labelling.

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    Cover of the journal, 'The British Journal of Politics and International Relations'
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Professor Rosemary Foot is Senior Research Fellow in International Relations, DPIR, Emeritus Fellow St Antony's College