Walter Ladwig Awarded Pre-Doctoral Fellow from the Miller Centre of Public

The fellowship, which supports one year of research and writing, is awarded to doctoral students who are completing their dissertations on important public policy questions related to American politics, foreign policy, or the impact of global affairs on the United States.

Walter`s dissertation, `Assisting Counterinsurgents: US Security Assistance and Internal War, 1946-1991,` is a comparative study of US efforts to assist allied nations in counter-insurgency during the Cold War, with a specific focus on how American aid could induce political and economic reform. He is currently the Americas Scholar at Merton College.

The Miller Center of Public Affairs is a non-partisan research institution at the University of Virginia dedicated to the study of the national and international policies of the United States, past, present, and future with an emphasis on both the substance and process of national policymaking