The GEG programme co-hosted Geneva Lectures on Global Economic Governance: live webcast available

Mr Pascal Lamy, Director-General of the World Trade Organization, gave a Special Address, as part of the Geneva Lectures on Global Economic Governance a joint initiative of the Centre for Trade and Economic Integration at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and the Global Economic Governance Programme at the University of Oxford.

The Lecture was entitled: ‘60 Years of the Multilateral Trading System: A Few Lessons` and is available as a live webcast on the GEG website at:

The following is an extract from the WTO website, summarising the Address:

LAMY: TRADE EXPANSION IS INSURANCE AGAINST FINANCIAL TURBULENCES Director-General Pascal Lamy, at the Geneva Lectures on Global Economic Governance on 6 February 2008, said that the global trading system during the past 60 years has underpinned un unprecedented period of economic growth and development. He said at a time when clouds are darkening over the world economy, the Doha Round is the one global initiative that may boost confidence of world businesses, workers and consumers.

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