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'The Brexit Vote Shows How Hard It Is to Defend the EU' - David Miller writes for Foreign Policy

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    Abi Begum / Flickr (CC)

David Miller has written an article for Foreign Policy Magazine's website on the 'Brexit' debate, in which he argues that the EU referendum campaign has been notable for the lack of emphasis placed on positive arguments for EU democracy by 'Remain' campaigners.

David argues that "This offers the Leave side a strong democratic card to play, which it has used effectively. Its weak point is its inability even to sketch the kind of relationship that Britain would seek to create with the EU if the Brexit were to go ahead."

"Although Britain’s elites have failed to offer the public any reason to think highly of the existing EU, it should come as no surprise that some Britons have started to indulge in speculation about future European arrangements. Some have expressed the extraordinarily optimistic view, for instance, that a vote by the U.K. to leave might create such a political upheaval across Europe that the EU would be forced to reconstitute itself as a looser alliance among nations that no longer attempted to harmonize and regulate the internal affairs of its member states."

The full article can be read online at: http://foreignpolicy.com/2016/06/22/win-or-lose-the-brexit-vote-shows-how-hard-it-is-to-defend-the-eu/


Professor David Miller is Professor of Political Theory, FBA, Senior Research Fellow, Nuffield College