Robbie Shilliam receives Astor Travel Fund Award

Robbie Shilliam (Hedley Bull Junior Research Fellow in International Relations, Wadham College) has received an award of £422 from the University’s Astor Travel Fund. The money will help to pay for the travel and accommodation expenses of Dr Naeem Inayatullah (Associate Professor of Politics, Ithaca College NY) to attend a two day workshop on ‘Silencing Human Rights: from history and social theory to contemporary practices’.

The workshop is being co-organised by Robbie and Dr Gurminder Bhambra (Sussex University) to facilitate cross-cultural and international dialogue on the pressing questions of human rights today. To this end, the invited delegates are from the US, India, Hungary, Canada, Turkey, South Africa, and the UK. The focus of the papers to be presented is similarly international and it is the organisers’ intention that the workshop will lead to an edited volume. Robbie and Gurminder have already secured £2,000 of funding from the School of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies at the University of Sussex and recently submitted a British Academy Conference Grant Application.

The University’s Astor Travel Fund provides funding to enable distinguished scholars and scientists from the USA to visit the University to lecture and carry out research. The Fund also provides financial support towards the cost of visits by members of the University’s academic and academic-related staff to laboratories, hospitals, libraries and similar institutions within the USA, which will enhance their teaching and research. The maximum award normally made will be £400. Deadlines for applications to the Fund fall on Friday of Week 3 of each term or by 31 July in the Long Vacation.

For more information about the Astor Travel Fund, please see the University’s website.