Registration open for workshop `Producing Better Measures by Combining Data Cross Temporally`

The Centre for Research Methods in the Social Sciences is running a workshop on ‘Producing Better Measures by Combining Data Cross Temporally` to take place on 9th and 10th November 2007.

The focus of the workshop is the exploration and comparison of the increasing number of methods of combining data sources to produce better measures. Different methods have been suggested for different substantive applications. These applications include presidential popularity, roll call voting, trial heat polls, left-right party placement, state policy preferences and measures of democracy. Different methods may be more appropriate given the types and sources of data being combined. Therefore, the workshop proposes to not only compare the different methods directly on statistical grounds but also in the context of their application.

A valuable follow-up to the workshop would be the publication of an edited volume of original papers as a special issue of Electoral Studies.

Registration is open until noon on Friday 2nd November 2007.