Professor Stephen Whitefield Awarded John Fell OUP Research Fund Grant

Professor Stephen Whitefield has been awarded a John Fell OUP Research Fund Small Grant to underwrite an external grant application to the Nuffield Foundation for a one-year research project on ‘Reconsidering Party Divisions in Western Europe: Lessons from the New Democracies of Central and Eastern Europe’.

The project will conduct an empirical study of the nature of policy divisions among political parties in 13 West European EU states. It will extend an expert survey to Western European countries that was conducted first in 2003-4 in 13 East European countries, supported by the Nuffield Foundation, and part replicated in 2007 as part of a large EC-funded project (EUREQUAL; This will enable Professor Whitefield to investigate the current character of policy divisions in West European countries as well as those in the East. One significant result will be the creation of unique database covering the whole of Europe.

Professor Stephen Whitefield is Professor of Politics and University Lecturer in Politics in the Department of Politics and International Relations, Oxford University and Official Fellow in Politics at Pembroke College, Oxford