Nuffield Politics Research Support Awards for Department Centres

Nuffield College has awarded six of the Department`s Research Centres Research Support Awards for different events and projects.

Dr Sarmila Bose, Director of Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, was awarded funding for a seminar entitled ‘Markets, Morals and Media:Questions of Ethics in Business Journalism`. The seminar will take place in May 2007.

Dr Jan-Georg Deutsch, Convenor of the Oxford Research Network on Government in Africa (OReNGA), was awarded funding for several workshops and conferences OReNGA has planned for the 2007-08 academic year.

Dr Sophie Duchesne, Co-ordinator for the European Research Group, was awarded funding for her project ‘How Discussion Becomes Political`. The research funding will go towards research assistance to assist in the ongoing work of the project.

Professor Michael Freeden, Director of the Centre for Political Ideologies, was awarded funding for a two-day workshop on the comparative study of political thought. The workshop will take place in September 2007.

Dr Andrew Hurrell, Director of the Centre for International Studies, was awarded funding for a two-day workshop on ‘The Relationship between Social and Global Justice` to take place on 7-8 September 2007.

Professor Hew Strachan, Director of The Oxford Leverhulme Changing Character of War Programme, was awarded funding for the international conference ‘Prisoners of War` to take place in December 2007.