Latest issue of International Affairs journal guest-edited by DPhil student

DPhil student, Patrick Quinton-Brown, has guest-edited a special issue of the journal, International Affairs.

Mr Quinton-Brown guest-edited the issue with Professor Margaret MacMillan (University of Oxford) and Professor Anand Menon (King's College London). They have co-authored an introduction to the issue, highlighting the similarities between 1919 and 2019: "a retreat from globalism, the rise of nativist and populist political parties, demands from national movements for their own states, the spread of international revolutionary movements — Bolshevism then, radical Islamism today — and concerns about the international order or lack of one".

In addition, Mr Quinton-Brown contributed an article co-authored with Prof MacMillan, 'The uses of history in international society: from the Paris peace conference to the present'. The article explores how historical events have been used by political factions in the formation and "transformation" of nation states.

January 2019's issue of the journal focuses on the state of world politics 100 years after the Paris Peace Conference in 1919. The Conference was by First World War's victorious Allied powers, and set down the conditions of peace for the defeated Central powers.