Jack McConnell: Devolution in Practice - the first eight years

Jack McConnell, First Minister of Scotland (2001-07) and MSP for Motherwell and Wishaw will be speaking as part of the Public Policy Unit`s seminar series on UK Devolution.

Jack McConnell is a Maths graduate of Stirling University. He taught Maths for nine years and served on Stirling District Council before becoming General Secretary of the Scottish Labour Party in 1992. He managed the 1997 election success in Scotland and coordinated Labour`s referendum campaign for the Scottish Parliament.

He was elected as MSP for Motherwell in the first Scottish Parliament elections in 1999. He served as Finance Minister and then Education Minister before becoming Scotland’s third First Minister in 2001. He was successful in the 2003 election and continued as First Minister until May 2007, a total of six years in all. His seminar to the Public Policy Unit is entitled Devolution in Practice: the first eight years. This is likely to be highly informative as there is no one better qualified to speak on this subject than Jack.

The seminar will take place on Friday 23 November at 12.45pm in the Manor Road Building, Oxford. For more information, please contact Matthew Tillotson.