How to Defend Inheritance Tax

The Fabian Society is about to launch a new pamphlet, How to Defend Inheritance Tax, written by Rajiv Prabhakar, Karen Rowlingson, and the Public Policy Unit`s Stuart White. The pamphlet has already started to spark debate.

The authors have written articles in the pamphlet on The Independent`s guest blog site and the New Statesman on-line. The pamphlet coincides with a letter to The Guardian, published on April 15, signed by a number of MPs, trade unionists and leading academics, including Oxford`s David Miller and Iain McLean, calling for the defence of inheritance tax. This letter has produced a lively debate on the `Comment is Free` site on The Guardian website. The political implications of the pamphlet were also discussed in an article in The Guardian on April 15, Labour MPS urge Brown to back levy on inheritance.Stuart White also spoke on BBC Radio Scotland`s `Scotland at Ten` on the pamphlet on April 15.

Polly Toynbee has an article on the pamphlet and the issues it raises in The Guardian, here.