Externally-funded Research Leave

If you are considering applying for externally-funded research leave for Trinity Term 2008 onwards, please contact the Research Support Team (RST) as soon as possible.
You need to have full approval from the relevant subject panels, GPC, your college and the Division in advance and we strongly recommend that you start this process in Trinity Term. The main research leave funding deadlines are in September, October and November and there will NOT be time to get college approval in Michaelmas Term.

All applications for externally-funded leave must be discussed with the Director of Research. You should also meet with the Administrator and the RST to discuss your application well in advance. Once Department and college approval has been obtained, a draft research proposal should be submitted to the GPC Research Committee for approval, via the RST, in line with the Department’s external research funding procedures, at least four working weeks in advance of your application. Please see the Department’s policy document, ‘How to apply for research leave (Academic Staff)`, for more details.

Contact: Esther Byrom, Senior Research Support Officer