Evelyn Goh awarded British Academy Research Grant and John Fell OUP Research Grant

Dr Evelyn Goh has been awarded a two-year British Academy Research Grant and a John Fell OUP Research Grant for her project, `Measuring Power and Influence in Asia`.

It is widely assumed that ‘the rise of China` significantly affects the strategic landscape in Asia, yet the existing literature is unclear about the mechanisms by which China`s growing economy, military capability and diplomatic profile affects other countries in the region. This project aims to develop systematic indicators of power and influence in Asia, beginning with a conceptualisation of power that is constituted by resources, capabilities and structures, and of influence as the effective conversion of such resources into the achievement of desired goals or aims. The framework for measuring power and influence will focus on (a) material and ideational elements of power; (b) perception and reception of power; and (c) conversion of power into influence. It will be applied to China`s record in Southeast and Northeast Asia since 1990 to explain the nature, rate of growth and limitations of Chinese power and influence, vis-à-vis other major powers in the region, the USA, Japan, India and Russia. Overall, this project will provide a more coherent account of the changing ‘power ledger` in Asia, which combines conceptual rigour with empirical evidence.

Evelyn Goh is University Lecturer in International Relations, St Anne`s College.