ESRC praise the Department`s quantitative methods training

Further to the results of the post-graduate training recognition exercise announced in early February, the ESRC has taken the unusual step of forwarding comments from the Subject Area Panel Chair, who praised in particular the Department`s quantitative methods training.
All of the Department`s graduate programmes submitted to the ESRC post-graduate training recognition exercise in 2005 received recognition, as well as being awarded a substantial 11 quota studentships. The allocation reflects the Department`s strengths in quantitative methods training as well as the quality of its more general training provision.

The Subject Area Panel Chair commented that `This is a very strong application that meets all of the requirements set by the ESRC. We are particularly impressed by the level of basic training provided in quantitative methods. This element has been flagged to the ESRC Training Board`s recognition panel. The outlet draws upon a very strong research culture and articulates its training provision to particular areas of research strength. Procedures are robust and arrangements for supervision are sound. Improvements are in place to increase submission rates. We have no concerns to communicate to the outlet about the standards or delivery of the training provision.`

For more information on the ESRC and the results of the 2005 recognition exercise, please see the ESRC website.