ESRC Graduate Training Recognition and Studentship Allocation

All the Department`s graduate programmes submitted in the ESRC`s post-graduate training recognition exercise 2005 have received recognition.
They are:
  • MSc in Politics and International Relations Research
  • MPhil in Comparative Government
  • MPhil in European Politics and Society
  • MPhil in International Relations

In addition, the Department received CASE recognition; it was the first time we had applied for this.

The Department was also awarded 11 quota studentships, substantially more than any other department in this field except for Essex. The allocation reflects the Department`s strengths in quantitative methods training as well as the quality of its more general training provision. Students undertaking advanced quantitative training at the Masters or DPhil level will be eligible (where a case is made) for an enhanced stipend of £3k pa above the standard stipend, plus allowances. The Department is also eligible to submit one 1+3 (2+2) or +3 candidate to the open studentship competition.

This is effective from students admitted from October 2006 to 2009.

Please see ESRC`s website for the full results,