Dr Ngaire Woods awarded further Grant from the MacArthur Foundation

Dr Ngaire Woods Dr Ngaire Woods has just been awarded a further grant from the MacArthur Foundation for the Global Economic Governance Programme.

The Global Economic Governance Programme was created in October 2003 to foster research and debate into how global markets and institutions can better serve the needs of people in developing countries. The programme aims to further this goal through:

  • Agenda-setting and paradigm-shifting research on global economic governance institutions, their effects on people in developing countries, and strategies for enhancing their positive potential or actual effects;
  • Engaging policy-makers, business leaders, and scholars in an agenda-setting dialogue both to help direct the research, and to feed back its results;
  • Leveraging outstanding academic research capacity of graduates and Faculty both at Oxford and internationally;
  • Establishing a network of which includes developing countries of top scholars, teachers and researchers across universities through collaboration in projects, teaching, or exchanges;
  • Influencing public policy and business practice through engagement, information, and dialogue resulting from our research.

The Programme is currently receiving funding from the MacArthur Foundation, the International Development Research Center, and the Ford Foundation.

Dr Ngaire Woods is University Lecturer in Politics and International Relations and Director of the Global Economic Governance Programme, University College.