Dr Jochen Prantls Monograph Published by the United Nations

Dr Jochen Prantls monograph, ECOSOC Ad Hoc Advisory Groups on African Countries Emerging from Conflict: the Silent Avant-garde, has been published by the United Nations.
The book presents an assessment of the ECOSOC ad hoc advisory groups and develops some lessons relevant for the workings of the new UN Peace Building Commission. The mandate of these groups is to prepare recommendations for a long-term programme of support for countries emerging from conflict and to provide advice on how to enhance the effectiveness of international assistance. The book`s findings formed the basis of a related report of the UN Secretary-General on this matter (UN Doc. E/2006/64). Further information about the publication can be found at ( <> ).

Dr Jochen Prantl is a Research Fellow in International Relations and Research Fellow of Nuffield College.