Dr Jochen Prantl Awarded Zvi Meitar/Vice-Chancellor Oxford University Research Prize

Dr Jochen Prantl has been awarded the Zvi Meitar/Vice-Chancellor Oxford University Research Prize in the Social Sciences. The prize will provide support for his research, which is focused on the future of multilateralism and how global institutions can be made more effective in dealing with the risks and challenges of the 21st Century.
Jochens project will concentrate on East Asia as a test case that investigates in greater detail the question of how to promote regional cooperation. He will form a network of scholars to further develop research on this topic and to examine the broader problems related to effective multilateralism and the design of global institutions. The funding will also be used for holding an international conference in Beijing on Effective Multilateralism: Regional Perspectives, which aims at providing a platform for exchanging cross-regional perspectives on the common problems and differences associated with multilateralism.The Zvi Meitar/Vice-Chancellor Oxford University Research Prize is awarded to scholars in the early stages of their career who have shown outstanding promise, and is intended to support the further career development of young researchers within the Social Sciences. It is intended that the publications produced out of the support from the Research Prize will become part of a special collection or series.Dr Jochen Prantl is a Senior Research Fellow in International Relations and Research Fellow of Nuffield College.