Many of our researchers are in Canada to attend and present at the annual conference of the International Studies Association (ISA), held in Toronto this year. DPIR researchers are involved in at least 73 panels, with alumni on many more!

Here’s where to find us:

Wednesday 8:15 AM - 10:00 AM

WA39: Is International Theory International?

Prof Louise Fawcett: Chair

WA54: Understanding and Overcoming Resistance to Inclusion in Peace Processes

Lara Olson: Weakening the Ties that Bind: How International Aid to Civil Society Impacts Legitimacy, Resistance and Violence

WA71: Mass Atrocity Prevention and the Challenge of Early Action

Dr Jonathan Leader Maynard: Ideology and Propaganda in Mass Atrocity Prevention

Wednesday 10:30 AM - 12:15 PM

WB09 Roundtable: Change, Stability and International Orders: On Emanuel Adler's Social Theory of Cognitive Evolution

Prof Andrew Hurrell: Participant

WB57: The Foreign Policy of Russia

Harald Edinger: Fear and Loathing in Moscow: Tracing Emotions in Russian Foreign Policy 1999‐2008

WB70: Empire, Capital, Violence

Naosuke Mukoyama: Natural Resources in the Age of Colonization and Decolonization: Oil’s Unique Role in the Creation of New States

Wednesday 1:45 PM – 3:30 PM

WC30: Viewing Warfare

Anna Petherick: Violence and Female Representation: Evidence From Colombia

WC32: Practices of Sovereignty in International Relations

Yuan Yi Zhu: Sovereignty or Suzerainty? Western International Law and Non‐ Western Forms of Political Authority

WC56: Origins of Civil Wars

Nicholas Barker: Internal Wars and International Relations: How Does Political Violence Shape International Politics from the Inside‐Out?

WC65: Legitimate Violence and Legal Warfare: Ethics, Limits, and Scope

Dr Janina Dill: A Moral Argument for a Division of Labour Between IHL and IHRL During the Conduct of Hostilities

WC67: Re-Visioning Cyber Operations: Cyber Conflict, Disinformation, and State Responses

Monica Kaminska: Why is Retaliation against Offensive Cyber Operations Difficult? A Comparison of Past Responses to Cyber Actions from the US, Germany and Estonia

Robert Gorwa and Philip Howard: Attributing Digital Disinformation Campaigns

Valentin Weber: Discussant

WC77: Ethnic Politics in Postcommunist Europe: Micro Issues in a Macro Context

Susan Divald: Testing the Quadratic Nexus in Slovakia: The Hungarian Minority’s Claim to Autonomy Examined in Two Small Cities

Wednesday 4:00 PM - 5:45 PM

WD01-D: New Challenges to Sovereignty

Karishma Minal Shah: Challenging U.S. Sovereignty: Google, Facebook, & Twitter in Counter Terrorism Policies

WD14: Opportunities and Challenges for Conflict Resolution Engaged Scholarship

Lara Olson: Chair

WD15: The Decentring Agenda: Europe in a Non-European World

Prof Kalypso Nicolaïdis and Nora Fisher Onar: The Arc of the Moral Universe Bends Where? Space, Time, and Norms in a Post‐western World

WD29: Re-Envisioning China's Role in World Politics: History, Theory and Practical Implications

Dr Todd Hall: The Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands Dispute: A MacGuffin?

WD33: Elections, Rhetoric, and American Foreign Policy

Andrew Payne: ‘Is This Going to Be All About Politics?’: The American Electoral Cycle and Decision‐Making in War

WD63: Contesting War

Dr Janina Dill: Discussant

Thursday 8:15 AM - 10:00 AM

TA20: African States in International Political Economy

Alexandra Zeitz: Market Constraint or Paying for Sovereignty? Understanding African States’ Entry Into International Bond Markets

TA60: India’s Foreign Policy: Reflecting on the Linkages Between Domestic and Foreign Policy Making

Prof Kate Sullivan de Estrada: Discussant

TA65: The Consequences Of Complexity: Overlapping International Institutions Between Conflict and Coordination

Prof Duncan Snidal: Chair

TA66: New Perspectives on Peace Negotiations

Lucy Maycox: “The Boat is Broken”: Analysing the Breakdown of the Latest Turkish‐Kurdish Peace Process

Thursday 10:30 AM - 12:15 PM

TB09: A Century of International Relations: Reflections on the Origins, Exclusions and Limitations of a Discipline

Louise Fawcett: Participant

TB31: International Studies and Interdisciplinary Research

Ross Gildea: Psychology and Aggregation in International Relations

TB58: Human Rights in Foreign Policy

Rodrigo Fracalossi de Moraes: Why Was the UK Tougher on South Africa’s Apartheid and Chile’s Military Regime Than on Argentina’s? Party Politics, Civil Society and Foreign Policy Decision‐making

TB67: Internal Conflict, International Intervention, Violence, Diplomacy, and State Interests

Jonathan Askonas: Harder than It Looks: Structural Sources of Failure in Third‐Party Insurgency Intervention

TB74: Author Meets Critics: David Leheny's "Empire of Hope: The Sentimental Politics of Japanese Decline"

Dr Todd Hall: Participant

Thursday 1:45 PM - 3:30 PM

TC37: Violence, Crises and War: New Applications and Frameworks

Christine Pelican: Psychology and International Relations: Punishment, Retribution and U.S. Limited Military Strikes

TC56: Complexity-Informed Theories, Approaches and Methods for Peacebuilding: What Is the Added Value?

Lara Olson: The Power of the Big Picture: How Systems Analysis Strengthens Peacebuilding Coordination

TC64: Just War Theory and Alternatives to War

Dr Janina Dill: Chair

Thursday 4:00 PM - 5:45 PM

TD17: Informal Governance in World Politics

Prof Duncan Snidal: ASEAN Way? No Way! A Critique of Essentializing “Region”

TD28: Governing through Development? State Strategies and Innovations

Allison Hartnett: In the Shadows? Informal Enterprise and the State in Jordan

TD54: Who Becomes a Terrorist?

Silvia Spodaru: The Behavioural Manifestations of Violent Extremism: the Religious and the Secular

TD66: Technological Innovation and the State

Jonathan Askonas: Discussant

Friday 8:15 AM - 10:00 AM

FA06: Institutional Choice in a Densely Institutionalized System: How Informal and Non-State Institutions Matter

Prof Duncan Snidal: Discussant

FA43: Technological Developments and the International System

Yuan Yi Zhu and Katharin Tai: From Versailles 1919 to Wuzhen 2015: The Genesis of Chinese Cybersovereignty

FA57: 20 Years since the Kosovo Intervention: Legacies in Kosovo, Legacies in IR

Lara Olson: Chair

FA66: State Institutions, Local Governance and Peace

Nicholas Barker: The Consequences of Separatist Wars: A Paired Comparison of Gali in Abkhazia and the Northern Municipalities in Kosovo

FA81: Great Power Responsibility and Global Environmental Protection

Andrew Hurrell: Discussant

Friday 10:30 AM - 12:15 PM

FB28: Beyond 'Non-state': Threat Intelligence and Large Platform Companies in Cybersecurity

Marcel Stolz: Participant

Valentin Weber: Participant

FB30: United Nations Peacekeeping

Maline Meiske: Partnership Peacekeeping: The Division of Labor Between the UN and Regional Organizations

FB39: Global Governance of Finance and Macroeconomics: Rethinking Frameworks for Regulation

Alexandra Zeitz and Geoffrey Gertz: Competition and Cooperation in the Export Credit Regime

Jure Jeric: Divide et Impera: Regulatory Competition in Financial Markets

FB46: Assessing Prospects for Peace in Colombia

Dr Annette Idler: Participant

Friday 1:45 PM - 3:30 PM

FC07: Does International Relations Need Area Studies?

Dr Todd Hall: Difference in Similarity, Similarity in Difference

Prof Louise Fawcett: Bridging the Gap: International Relations and Middle East Studies

Prof Neil MacFarlane: System and Area: The Former Soviet Case

Prof Kalypso Nicolaïdis: EUtopia? A Critique of Europe‐as‐a‐Model

Prof Andrew Hurrell: IR and Area Studies: How to Think about the Global?

Prof Kate Sullivan de Estrada: In Defence of the ‘Exceptional’ in Global International Relations: Views from Nuclear South Asia

FC46: The Politics and Strategy of Cyber

Robert Gorwa: The Political Science Study of Cyber Conflict: A Review of Methodology

FC57: New Developments in the International Fight Against Corruption, Money Laundering, and Illicit Markets

Dr Annette Idler: Chair

FC59: Individual Country Efforts in Countering Terrorism

Talene Bilazarian: Communities and Counter‐Terrorism: The Local Dimension in U.S. and U.K. Cities

Friday 4:00 PM - 5:45 PM

FD19: The Roles of Bureaucrats, the Global South, and Private Actors in the Development of International Organizations and Global Order

Louise Fawcett: South American Contributions to International Organization Over the Longue Durée

Marco Moraes: Competing Internationalisms: Fascists, Liberals, and ‘Neutrals’ at the League of Nations Secretariat, 1919‐1946

FD44: Inter-region Linkages: South Asia and the Extended Neighbourhood

Sharinee Jagtiani: From Asia‐Pacific to Indo‐Pacific: The Dynamics of India’s Regions and Region‐building Strategies

Saturday 8:15 AM - 10:00 AM

SA70: The Rise of "Asia" in World Politics: Theory and History

Sharinee Jagtiani: The Rise of "Asia" in World Politics: Theory and History

SA76: Chinese Perspectives on the Relationship between Economic Development, and Regime, State, and Human Security

Prof Rosemary Foot: Theorizing the Relationship between Development, State Primacy, Conflict Prevention and Human Protection in China

SA81: The Forgotten Politics of International Conferences

Marco Moraes: Visions of International Order: Liberalism and Fascist Internationalism as Alternative Conceptions of International Society, 1918‐1946

SB02: A Xi Change in Chinese Foreign Policy? "New" Directions in China's Global Role

Prof Rosemary Foot: China and the Great Powers

SB15: The IMF, Conditionality and Economic Policy Advice

Dr David Doyle: Remittances and the IMF Conditionality

SB29: People and Violence Behavioral Science in Conflict and Peace Studies

Jiaqian Ni and Kai Quek: Do International Apologies Work? A National Experiment in China

Saturday 10:30 AM - 12:15 PM

SB40: Militias

Adam McCauley and Catharina Lewerenz: The End is a New Beginning: Pro‐government Militias After Conflict

SB41: The Politics of Environmental Governance and Climate Change

Sam Rowan: Transparency in International Cooperation: Evidence from Climate Change

SB46: Grand Strategy

William James: Proportionate Grand Strategy

SB57: Violence, Security and the State

Katharine Brooks: Gender is What States Make of It: Gender, Nation‐Building and War in Israel

SB80: International Ethics: Past and Present

Jessica Gliserman: Dilemmas of Disagreement: Right Authority and the War Decision

Saturday 1:45 PM - 3:30 PM

SC13: Interdisciplinary Approaches and Methods in International Studies

Angharad Jones Buxton: Social Psychology and International Relations: A Dangerous Liaison?

SC22 Roundtable: Globalizing International Relations: Redefining the Discipline and Exploring its Future

Andrew Hurrell: Participant

SC66: Group Identities and Identification

Arthur Duhé: Identification as Spring of Affective Circulations

SC70: Private Investors' Behaviour in Trade and Finance

Tuuli-Anna Huikuri: Beyond Dispute Settlement: Alternative Instruments in the Investment Regime

Saturday 4:00 PM - 5:45 PM

SD03: War, Security and Order: New Frameworks and Perspectives

Angharad Jones Buxton: Ontological Security on the Battlefield

SD11: Re-Visioning the Gulf Region: Identity, Public Opinion and Urban Politics

Katharine Brooks: Discussant

SD19: Re-visioning Rebel Groups and Insurgents

Adam McCauley: Missing in Action: Mapping Insurgents After Conflict

SD20: New Perspectives on “New Turkey”: Re-Visioning Turkish Foreign Policy Studies

Emre Caliskan: Turkish Foreign Policy: Middle Power and a Weak State

SD46: Boundaries

Dr Annette Idler: Security through a Borderland Lens: How Violent Non‐State Groups Benefit from State Margins

SD68: Political Dynamics of Inter-organisational and Intra-organisational Decision-Making

Jeffrey Wright: Revisiting the Governance Triangle: The Changing Roles of States, Firms and NGOs in Regulatory Standard‐Setting

SD79: Theoretical Avenues across Disciplines

Paola Solimena: Of Two Minds? A Critical Inquiry into the Common Roots of Rational Choice and Psychology in International Relations

SD82: Time and Space in the Study of International Organizations

Sam Rowan and Charles Barclay Roger: Informality and Bias in Studies of International Organizations