David Armstrong to Lecture at ICPSR Summer Program

David Armstrong is to lecture on Regression Analysis III: Advanced Methods at the Inter-University Consortium for Politics and Social Research Summer Program. The Summer Program provides a comprehensive, integrated program of studies in research design, statistics, data analysis and social science methodology. Its instructional environment stresses integration of methods of quantitative analysis within a broader context of substantive social research.
David`s course reviews the basis of linear least-squares regression, and then extends that method in several directions. The course takes a modern, data-analytic approach to regression analysis, emphasizing graphical tools. Topics include the following: review of least-squares linear regression; vector and elliptical geometry of least squares; linear models; factors, contrasts, and codings; full-rank and deficient rank parametrizations; polynomial regression; linear hypotheses; model selection; robust and resistant regression; nonlinear regression and nonlinear least squares; nonparametric regression; bootstrapping and cross validation; graphical examination of data transformations; regression diagnostics; inverse regression and graphical regression.

David Armstrong is post-doctoral Fellow in Quantitative Methods, Department of Politics and International Relations, Nuffield College.