BA Small Research Grant Award for Paul Chaisty

Paul Chaisty (University Lecturer in Russian Government, St Antony`s College) has been awarded a British Academy Small Research Grant for 3854 to facilitate the planning and development of new research on the politics of crisis management in Russia.

The research will examine the resilience (or otherwise) of post-soviet Russian political institutions when dealing with disasters and critical contingencies. Paul`s central focus will be on several critical episodes in Russian politics since 1990: The Prigorodnii ethnic conflict of 1992, the 1998 economic default, the 2003 Moscow Theatre siege and the 2004 Beslan hostage crisis. The aim in examining these cases is to develop a research agenda of a neglected but critical area of policy-making in Russia as well as be an important empirical contribution to current academic and policy debates about the strength/weakness of the Russian state.

Paul was appointed University Lecturer at St Antony`s College in 2005. Some of his recent publications include Legislative Politics and Economic Power in Russia (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2006), Party Cohesion and Policy-Making in Russia`, Party Politics, 11:3 (2005), and Defending the Institutional Status Quo: Communist Leadership of the Second Russian State Duma, 1996-1999`, Legislative Studies Quarterly, 28:1 (2003).