Laporte and Ocantos awarded for process tracing article

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    Photographs of Ezequiel Gonzalez Ocantos and Jody LaPorte

This award, granted by The American Political Science Association (APSA) Qualitative and Multi Methods Research Section, recognises the best article developing or applying qualitative methods in the preceding year. 

In selecting their article, the committee commended it for being 'an insightful, clearly-written guide to mitigating missing data problems when process tracing. Among other excellent points, the article reminds us to consider explicitly the data generation process that yielded the qualitative evidence we use – especially actors’ strategic incentives to hide their actions and/or beliefs, leading to "missingness". The article offers useful ideas for addressing these issues, such as indirect tests of causal mechanisms. For these reasons, the award committee decided unanimously that this article deserved the 2020 Alexander L. George Award. 

Dr Ezequiel González Ocantos is Associate Professor in the Qualitative Study of Comparative Political Institutions; Professorial Fellow, Nuffield College