Professor Alexander Betts suggests a ten-point plan to help fix the broken refugee system

Alexander Betts and Paul Collier have written an article for the i News website (28 March) laying out a ten-point plan to help fix the global system for managing refugees.

They write, “More humans are displaced from their homelands around the world than at any time since the Second World War – and with the spectre of climate change, the numbers will grow. Yet while the needs increase, the political commitment to assisting refugees is in freefall amid rising populist nationalism. The European refugee crisis offered a test case to see whether our policies have been up to the task. And they demonstrably failed.”

The full article can be read here:

Professor Alexander Betts is Professor of Forced Migration and International Affairs, William Golding Senior Fellow in Politics at Brasenose College, and Associate Head of the Social Science Division, Department of International Development