Abhishek Parajuli comments on policy for the Financial Times, BBC, South China Morning Post and the Guardian

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Abhishek Parajuli has written a number of articles in the last month on a number of international foreign and domestic policies.

He appeared on the BBC’s Sunday Morning Live programme (28 July) to discuss Britain’s policy on foreign aid.  On the same day for the Financial Times an article was published on the Indian Prime Minister’s economic reforms.  He wrote an article for the South China Morning Post (7 August) on whether the days of China’s non-interventionalism were over.

And on Wednesday (25 August) his article entitled ‘Trump’s posturing on Pakistan is a gift to China’ was published, arguing that instead of maintaining a policy of careful diplomacy, Donald Trump’s recent comments about Pakistan have gifted China greater influence in an unstable region.

Abhishek Parajuli is a DPhil student at DPIR