5th Week Funding Deadline

Dont forget that the deadline for applications to the Departments funding scheme is Friday of 5th week!
The Department provides modest financial assistance to academic staff and graduate students to support their research. Applications can be made for funding to support research trips, attendance at conferences (where a paper is to be presented), language training, permit costs, etc. Academic staff may also apply for funding to employ a graduate research assistant.The Department has a number of sources to which you can apply for funding:
  • Main Department Funds
  • Cyril Foster and related funds - aimed at those undertaking international relations research
  • Andrew Mellon Fund - for the promotion of research in American Government
  • Norman Chester Fund - for the study of government and politics
All applications must be made on the appropriate forms available on the website and, in some cases, will require accompanying material. Please ensure that your application is complete.

The Department is currently without an Administrative Assistant - please return your forms to Alison Copeland (Communications and Development Officer)