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Patricia Thornton and Rana Mitter on Xi Jinping's Power Grab

March 14 2018

Patricia Thornton and Rana Mitter comment on the hardening of President Xi Jinping's authoritarian control after the near unanimous vote of Chinese delegates to remove the limit on presidential terms. more

Coalitional Presidentialism in Comparative Perspective: Minority Presidents in Multiparty Systems

March 7 2018

How do presidents without legislative majorities build and maintain cross-party support? A new book by Paul Chaisty, Timothy Power and Nic Cheeseman argues that the answer is 'coalitional presidentialism' more

Two Awards for Samuel Faure for European and Strategic Studies Research

March 7 2018

Dr Samuel Faure has received two prestigious PhD awards for his doctoral research on the politics of defence procurement in Europe, which bridges European and strategic studies.
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