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Gendering the border effect: the double impact of Colombian insecurity and the Venezuelan refugee crisis

April 17 2020

Julia Zulver, Postdoctoral Gender Research Officer, and Annette Idler, Senior Research Fellow, have co-authored a new article on gender on the Colombian–Venezuelan border.
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Civilian Contention in Civil War: How Ideational Factors Shape Community Responses to Armed Groups

April 15 2020

Juan Masullo, Departmental Lecturer in International Relations, has published new research in Comparative Political Studies on how and why civilians support/oppose violent action.
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A Rentier State under Blockade: Qatar’s Water-Energy-Food Predicament from Energy Abundance and Food Insecurity to a Silent Water Crisis

April 15 2020

Hussam Hussein, Research Fellow in International Relations, has co-authored a new article on Qatar's sustainability crisis.
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