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Department members meet the United Nations Association of China

March 15 2017

Rana Mitter (DPIR) and Annie Hongping Nie from the Oxford University China Centre hosted a specially convened meeting between the UN Governance and Reform Project (CIS) of DPIR involving Richard Caplan, more

Podcast: 'Violence and Nonviolence in Contentious Politics'

March 13 2017

Kimberly Hutchings (Queen Mary University of London)and Elizabeth Frazer (DPIR) discuss political violence, the justifications for political violence, and how these justifications have been conceptualized more

"The problem with interventions is that they are a poor form of cure": The 2017 Cyril Foster Lecture

March 10 2017

Sir Lawrence Freedman, Emeritus Professor or War Studies at King's College London, and Visiting Professor at Oxford's Blavatnik School of Government delivered the 2017 Cyril Foster Lecture to a large more