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Gwendolyn Sasse on 1.8 million people in Ukraine displaced as a result of war

February 16 2017

Gwendolyn Sasse has written an article for Carnegie Europe (13 February) entitled ‘The Voices of the Displaced in Ukraine and Russia’.
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Podcast: 'The Dehumanisation-Rehumanisation Dynamic Shaping Political Violence and Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Latin America'

February 13 2017

Roddy Brett (St Andrews) specialises in a wide range of issues on Latin America, focusing on political violence. He talks about the various factors that can lead a group to political violence, such as more

Podcast: 'Emotions, Ideology and Civil War'

February 10 2017

As part of the new Ideas and Political Violence seminar series, the Department of Politics and International Relations' Andrea Ruggeri discusses the role of negative emotions and radical ideology in more