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Christopher Hood on the ‘boiling frog’ theory that explains austerity cuts attitudes

July 4 2017

A Century of Fiscal Squeeze Politics, by Christopher Hood and Dr Rozana Himaz of Oxford Brooks University, has been the subject of an article in the Oxford Mail (30 June), about how the slow and more

Angela Cummine comments on the need to consult citizens on Sovereign Wealth Funds

July 3 2017

Angela Cummine has been quoted in an article for The Business Post (25 June) on how the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund should best be used, in which she cites the example of Norway and its government’s efforts more

A Century of Fiscal Squeeze Politics: 100 Years of Austerity, Politics, and Bureaucracy in Britain

June 29 2017

Dr Rozana Himaz (Senior Lecturer in Economics at Oxford Brookes University) and Professor Christopher Hood examine how different the politics of fiscal squeeze and austerity is today from what it was more