News Feed Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford / test date test date 1 In memoriam: Aneesha Wadhwa (1976-2021) The Department was saddened to hear of the sudden death of one of our recent Gurukul Fellows, Aneesha Wadhwa, on 4 January. Aneesha leaves behind her 14-year-old son Veehan, her parents, Ashish and Neena Dasgupta, and... /news/in-memoriam-aneesha-wadhwa-1976-2021.html 17368 March 02 2021 DPIR study reveals a major rise in public support for COVID vaccine The Coping with COVID-19 project has published its early findings, revealing important insights for policymakers on public opinion surrounding the vaccine. /news/dpir-study-reveals-a-major-rise-in-public-support-for-covid-vaccine.html 17362 February 24 2021 Informing the Review of the Fixed Term Parliaments Act with Comparative Evidence Petra Schleiter, Professor of Comparative Politics, and her co-researcher Tom Fleming (University of York) have provided evidence to the Joint-Committee inquiry into the Fixed Term Parliaments Act (FTPA), in which they recommend... /news/informing-the-review-of-the-fixed-term-parliaments-act-with-comparative-evidence.html 17353 February 08 2021