News Feed Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford / test date test date 1 Do voters need therapy? James Tilley, Professor of Politics, has been investigating why politics evokes such emotional reactions—and whether we are angrier than ever. /news/do-voters-need-therapy.html 17127 February 17 2020 Patricia Owens to join DPIR The Department is delighted to announce that Patricia Owens will join us from July 2020 as Professor of International Relations. /news/patricia-owens-to-join-dpir.html 17115 February 10 2020 Winners of 2019 Deidre and Paul Malone Prize announced Joshua Goldstein and Mikael Naghizadeh have been jointly awarded the 2019 Deidre and Paul Malone Prize. /news/winners-of-2019-deidre-and-paul-malone-prize-announced.html 17110 February 04 2020