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Marius Ostrowski

Marius Ostrowski

Examination Fellow at All Souls College
+44 (0)1865 279 379
All Souls College

I am Examination Fellow in Politics at All Souls College, and have recently been awarded a DPhil in Politics under the supervision of Prof Michael Freeden. My primary research focus is on public opinion, political ideologies, social theory, and early-20th-century intellectual history (especially of late-Wilhelmine and Weimar Germany). I hold a BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (First class), and an MPhil in Political Theory (with Distinction), both from the University of Oxford.

In my doctoral thesis, entitled "Twilight of the Pollsters: A social theory of mass opinion in late modernity", I critically assessed contemporary accounts of mass opinion across different disciplines of political research, including liberal political philosophy and social-scientific opinion research. Finding them to be both overly narrow in focus and conceptually fragmented, I formulated an alternative account, which combined insights from Marxian and Bourdieusian social theory, ideology theory and critique, and early-20th-century public philosophies into a syncretic social analysis. In doing so, I reconstructed the concepts of 'opinion' and 'opining' from an explicitly social perspective, and concluded that 'mass opinion' is a complex and multifaceted concept that is extensively shaped by occupational and classist divisions in society.

My wider work covers an eclectic range of interests, including: class, identity, and intersectional politics; theories of order and progress; political economy and institutional theory; European party systems and political ideologies; the intellectual tradition of socialism and social democracy after Marx and Engels; and the political thought of Eduard Bernstein, Ferdinand Tönnies, Martin Heidegger, Walter Lippmann, Louis Althusser, and Pierre Bourdieu.

I have worked as a Stipendiary Lecturer in Politics at Christ Church and Magdalen College, and have presented at conferences in political theory, ethics, and legal and social philosophy at the Universities of London, Manchester, Oxford, South Wales, Warwick, and York. I have worked with several think-tanks, including Demos, Reform, and the Institute of Economic Affairs, on a broad range of public policy initiatives, and published a report for the UK Parliament on the fiscal implications of the Scottish independence referendum. I have also written articles for the Times, the New Statesman, and Politics in Spires about the 2011 riots, devolution in Scotland, and opinion polling at the 2015 General Election.


Teaching experience:

Stipendiary Lecturer in Politics, Christ Church (2014-15)

Lecturer in Politics, Magdalen College (2013-15)

Tutor in Politics for undergraduates and visiting students from Hertford College, Merton College, Oriel College, St Anne's College, St Catherine's College, St Hilda's College, St Hugh's College, St John's College, St Peter's College, Somerville College, University College, Wadham College, Worcester College, Wycliffe Hall (2013-)

Papers offered:

Politics Prelims: Theorising the Democratic State (1st year BA)

Politics Finals: Theory of Politics, Marx and Marxism, Political Thought: Plato to Rousseau, Political Thought: Bentham to Weber (2nd and 3rd year BA)

Special subjects: Political Thought: Dewey to Habermas, Radical social theory, Democracy and democratisation, Foundations of modern political thought (visiting students)