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Edward Howell

Edward Howell

(BA, MPhil, DPhil)

Stipendiary Lecturer in Politics at New College
New College

Edward is a Stipendiary Lecturer in Politics at New College, University of Oxford. His research interests are focused on the politics and international relations of North Korea and the Korean Peninsula, with a particular interest in North Korean nuclear politics, inter-Korean, and DPRK-US relations. He is currently preparing research concerning North Korea’s engagement with the nuclear order into a monograph. A recent publication, ‘The juche H-bomb? North Korea, nuclear weapons and regime-state survival’ pioneered a new concept of “nuclear ideology”, and was published in International Affairs. Edward is a Contributing Writer for The Economist Intelligence Unit, specializing on North and South Korean politics, and frequently offers analysis for national and international media, including for The Spectator, BBC World News, The Telegraph, and specialist North Korean analysis outlet, NKNews.

Edward graduated with a prizewinning double First Class degree in Geography at Brasenose College, Oxford, followed by an MPhil in International Relations with Distinction. He was awarded the Deirdre and Paul Malone Prize for outstanding performance in the MPhil thesis and examinations. His DPhil research was centred on North Korea’s nuclear behaviour in international society. For more on Edward’s work, do visit his website and follow him on Twitter @TheEdwardHowell.   


Edward teaches the following papers as part of the Politics component of History & Politics and PPE degrees:

214 – International Relations (core)

213 – International Relations of the Cold War

227 – Politics in China

297 – Special Subject in Politics: International Security and Conflict


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