Keyword: Social movements

Related People

Mr. Alan Angell

Emeritus Fellow in Latin American Politics, St. Antonys College

Kaya Axelsson

Research topic: Environmental Politics

Dr Gordon Barrett

Departmental Lecturer in Modern Chinese History & Politics

Mr Adam Brodie

Research topic: Social movements and non-military conflict in post-war Northern Ireland

Andy Buschmann

Research topic: Protest in Democratization and Re-autocratization

Prof. Richard Caplan

Professor of International Relations and Official Fellow, Linacre College

Professor Martin Ceadel

Professor of Politics, Fellow of New College

Prof Paul Chaisty

Professor of Russian and East European Politics

Alex Coccia

Research topic: poverty alleviation; political economy of race; state policy choice

Mr Arthur Duhé

Research topic: A Spinozist Affect Theory of Revolutionary Diffusion

(Ph.D.) Anja Giudici

Postdoctoral Research Fellow SCHOOLPOL Project

Prof Anthony Heath

Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Emeritus Professor of Nuffield College

Dr. Juan Masullo

Departmental Lecturer in International Relations

Lara Olson

Research topic: Linking Good and Bad Civil Society: How Local Networks Promote Peace or Renewed Violence in Protracted Civil Wars

Dr Nicholas Owen

Associate Professor of Politics, Praelector in Politics, The Queen's College

Professor Sir Adam Roberts

Senior Research Fellow, Department of Politics & International Relations

Professor F. David Rueda

Professor of Comparative Politics, University Lecturer, Fellow, Nuffield College

Jonas von Hoffmann

Research topic: Drug Policy in Latin America

Dr Julia Zulver

Postdoctoral Gender Research Officer

Related News

Sudhir Hazareesingh writes on the ‘Strong and Stable’ leadership of Macron

21st Jun 2017

Sudhir Hazareesingh has written an article for the Times Literary Supplement (20 June), contrasting the recent fortunes of recent French election winner Emmanuel Macron with the recent British election winner, Theresa May.

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Karma Nabulsi’s British Academy funded research featured in the Guardian

30th Jan 2017


On Saturday the Guardian featured a research project headed by Karma Nabulsi, ‘Teaching Contemporary Palestinian Political History’, which provides teaching and research resources on the subject of the Palestinian national liberation movement and its revolution in the 50s, 60s and 70s, through an open access digital platform in Arabic and English.

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Geoffrey Evans and Jonathan Mellon's report finds that most British people regard themselves as working class

1st Jul 2016

Geoffrey Evans and Jonathan Mellon (Nuffield College) have published a report for Britain’s largest independent social research agency, NatCen.

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Félix Krawatzek discusses the Politics of the Future

12th Apr 2016

The ways politicians, governments, think-tanks, campaigning groups and the public think about political futures is continuously negotiated and deeply contested. Who shapes the ways we think about the future?

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'Big Tent Politics: The Liberal Party's long mastery of Canada's public life' by Roland K. Carty

26th Jan 2016

Professor Roland K. Carty (PPE, 1966) has had a book published on 'Big Tent Politics: The Liberal Party's long mastery of Canada's public life'.

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Alexander Betts comments on the need for a nuanced argument on migration

20th Jan 2016

Alexander Betts has been quoted in the New York Times (13 January) about the polarization of the debate about migration within the European Union since recent attacks in Paris and Cologne.

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Catherine de Vries and Sara Hobolt write about the rise of the Challenger parties

9th Dec 2015

Catherine De Vries and former DPIR member Sara Hobolt have written an article for the centre left think tank Policy Network on the rise of popularity throughout Europe of previously non-mainstream parties.

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Annette Idler awarded 2015 CRS Cedric Smith Prize

14th Sep 2015

Congratulations to Annette Idler, who has been given the 2015 Cedric Smith Prize for the best piece of peace and conflict research (broadly defined) by a UK-based student.  For more information on the Conflict Research Society's Cedric Smith Prize, please click here:

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Paul Chaisty and Stephen Whitefield write about 'Putin's Nationalism Problem'

24th Apr 2015

Stephen Whitefield and Paul Chaisty have written an article for the e-International Relations website (20 April) based on their own research about Vladimir Putin's nationalistic tendencies - or lack of them.

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Catherine De Vries comments on the rise of the fringe parties

3rd Mar 2015

Catherine De Vries has appeared on BBC Radio 4's programme 'Start The Week' (2 March) in an episode entitled 'From Fringe to Frontline?'.

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Elias Dinas comments on Alexis Tsipras

28th Jan 2015

Elias Dinas was interviewed for the Spanish radio network Cadena SER (25 January) on the recent election of the Greek SYRIZA party and its leader, Alexis Tsipras.

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