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Dr Samuel Bagg

Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow in Politics

Alex Coccia

Research topic: poverty alleviation; political economy of race; state policy choice

Mr Arthur Duhé

Research topic: A Spinozist Affect Theory of Revolutionary Diffusion

Harald Edinger

Research topic: Russian Foreign Policy Through the Prism of Emotion

Professor Louise Fawcett

Head of Department, Professor of International Relations, Wilfrid Knapp Fellow and Tutor in Politics St Catherines College

Professor Rosemary Foot

Senior Research Fellow in International Relations, DPIR, Emeritus Fellow St Antony's College

Prof. Todd H. Hall

Associate Professor of International Relations, Tutorial Fellow in Politics for St Anne's College

Professor Dominic Johnson

Alastair Buchan Chair of International Relations, Co-Director of the Oxford Martin School "Natural Governance" Programme

Ms Josie Lianna Kaye

Research topic: The Business of Peace and the Politics of Inclusion: What Role for Local ‘Licit’ and ‘Illicit’ Business Actors in Peace Mediation?

Professor Patricia Owens

Professor of International Relations

Professor Jan Zielonka

Professor of European Politics and Ralf Dahrendorf Fellow, St Antony's College

Related News

Patricia Thornton and Rana Mitter on Xi Jinping's Power Grab

14th Mar 2018

Patricia Thornton and Rana Mitter comment on the hardening of President Xi Jinping's authoritarian control after the near unanimous vote of Chinese delegates to remove the limit on presidential terms.



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Desmond King writes on 'Donald Trump's bonfire of the protocols'

17th May 2017

Professor Desmond King has written for Prospect magazine on developments in Donald Trump's presidency, and in particular the sacking of the Director of the FBI, James Comey.

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Patricia Thornton co-edits special issue of The China Quarterly

2nd Nov 2016

Patricia Thornton has co-edited a special issue of The China Quarterly, "Red Shadows: Memories and Legacies of the Chinese Cultural Revolution" to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the start of the Cultural Revolution.

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Annette Idler interviewed on the Chilcot Report by Radio Ciudad

20th Jul 2016

Annette Idler has been interviewed on the Chilcot Report by Argentinian radio station 'Radio Ciudad'.

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Archie Brown guest edits Dædalus summer issue on political leadership

18th Jul 2016

Archie Brown, Emeritus Professor of Politics and Emeritus Fellow of St Antony’s, is guest editor of the Summer 2016 issue of Daedalus (Vol. 145, No. 3), the journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, on political leadership.

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"A welcome demonstration that grounded academic work can be entertaining as well as informative"

20th Jun 2016

Fed Power: How Finance Wins, the recent book by Desmond King and Lawrence Jacobs, has been reviewed in the Financial Times, as part of an article on the sucesses and failures of the US central bank.

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Félix Krawatzek discusses the Politics of the Future

12th Apr 2016

The ways politicians, governments, think-tanks, campaigning groups and the public think about political futures is continuously negotiated and deeply contested. Who shapes the ways we think about the future?

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Annette Idler awarded 2015 CRS Cedric Smith Prize

14th Sep 2015

Congratulations to Annette Idler, who has been given the 2015 Cedric Smith Prize for the best piece of peace and conflict research (broadly defined) by a UK-based student.  For more information on the Conflict Research Society's Cedric Smith Prize, please click here:

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Sudhir Hazareesingh gives 60 second pitch for a better world on BBC World Service

13th Jul 2015

Sudhir Hazareesingh appeared on BBC World Service's 'The Forum' programme (11 July) in which he was asked about the nature of state power, particularly the power of France, and whether it was in decline.  Sudhir was also asked to give a 60 second pitch for an idea of his that might make the world a better place.

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