Keyword: Feminism

Related People

Ms Geertje Bol

Research topic: Mary Astell and Catharine Macaulay: Virtue, Politics and Partisanship

Dr Elizabeth Frazer

Associate Professor of Politics, Official Fellow, New College

Elsa Kugelberg

Research topic: Moral Philosophy, Contractualism, Social norms

Professor Lois McNay

Professor of Theory of Politics and Fellow, Somerville College

Dr Nicholas Owen

Associate Professor of Politics, Praelector in Politics, The Queen's College

Professor Patricia Owens

Professor of International Relations

Dr Sophie Smith

Associate Professor of Political Theory and Tutorial Fellow, University College

Dr Julia Zulver

Postdoctoral Gender Research Officer

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Amia Srinivasan appointed Chichele Professor of Social and Political Theory

2nd Aug 2019

The Department of Politics and International Relations is pleased to announce that Professor Amia Srinivasan (University of Oxford) has been appointed as the Chichele Professor of Social and Political Theory.

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Gurukul Fellow Elsa Marie D'Silva wins Peace-building Award

14th Dec 2017

A crowd-sourcing platform which tackles sexual harassment and abuse has won Peace Direct's Women-led Peace-building Award 2017.  Red Dot Foundation (Safecity), founded by Elsa Marie D'Silva, uses data of reported abuse in public places to highlight hotspots, and to help influence policy-makers.

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