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Yves Sintomer

Yves Sintomer

professor for political science, Paris 8 University, researcher at The Maison française d’Oxford and associate member at Nuffield College, and at the Department of Politics and International Relations (DPIR), Oxford.
+33 67003 9451
Nuffield College

Yves Sintomer has been deputy director of the Centre Marc Bloch Berlin, and is Honorary Senior fellow at the French University Institute, one of the French most prestigious institutions. He has been invited scholar or professor in Harvard, Yale, University College London, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Academia Sinica (Taipei), European University Institute (Florence), Institut für Sozialforschung (Frankfurt), Goethe University Frankfurt, Humboldt University Berlin, Complutense-Madrid, UCL (Belgian), Catania (Italy), Science Po Paris, Science Po Lille, Neuchâtel and Lausanne Universities Universidad del Pais Vasco.

Research Interests

Yves Sintomer’s writings focus on democracy (especially on participatory and deliberative democracy), and on political representation. They have been published in 19 languages.

He presently develops his research in the following directions:

  • The creation of citizens’ assemblies and other minipublics selected by lot, especially on the topic of the climate.
  • A global history of democracy, which analyzes the Western model as one among other experiments.
  • An analysis of the development of political imaginaries in a comparative perspective (UK-France-Germany one the one hand, Brazil-India-China on the other hand).
  • A non-Eurocentric theory of political representation, which confronts the continental tradition (especially German and French) with the Anglo-American one.



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Books edited (since 2010)

  • Political Representation: A Comparison Europe-China (in Chinese, edited together with D. Duan) Peking University Press, 2021 (forthcoming).
  • La représentation avant le gouvernement représentatif (together with S. Hayat and C. Péneau), Presses Universitaires de Rennes, Rennes, 2020, 372 p.
  • Sociologie politique, from Emile Durkheim (edited by F. Hulak in cooperation with Y. Sintomer), PUF, Paris, January 2020, 480 p.
  • Sortition and Democracy. Practices, Tools, Theories (together with L. Lopez-Rabatel), Imprint Academic, Exeter, 2020, 515 p. Previous French version: Tirage au sort et démocratie. Histoire, instruments, theories, Paris, 2019, special issue, 520 p.
  • Deliberation: Values, Processes, Institutions (with S. Coleman and A. Przybylska), Peter Lang, Serie “Warsaw Studies in Culture and Society”, Frankfurt/Main, 2015, 320 p.
  • Local participation in Southern Europe: Causes, Characteristics and Consequences (with J. Font and D. della Porta), Rowman & Littlefield, Washington D.C., 2014, 315 p.
  • La domination, from M. Weber, German translation by I. Kalinowski, critical edition, introduction and revision of the translation by Y. Sintomer, La Découverte, serie Politique et société, Paris, 2013, 432 p. New paperback edition, La Découverte, Paris, 2015.
  • Participatory Budgeting in Asia and Europe. Key Challenges of Participation (with R. Traub-Merz and J. Zhang), Palgrave, Houndmills, Basingstoke/New York, 2013, 272 p. Previous Chinese version, Shanghai People’s Publishing House, Shanghai, 2011, 220 p.
  • Hoffnung auf eine neue Demokratie. Bürgerhaushalten in Lateinamerika und Europa (with C. Herzberg and H. Kleger), Campus, serie «Demokratieforschung», Frankfurt-am-Main/New York, 2012, 333 p.
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  • La démocratie participative: histoire et généalogie (with M.H. Bacqué), La Découverte, serie “Recherches”, Paris, 2011, 288 p.
  • La démocratie participative inachevée. Genèse, adaptations et diffusions (with M.H. Bacqué), Adels/Yves Michel, Paris, 2010, 240 p.

Edition of thematic issues of journals (since 2010)

  • Le tirage au sort au XXIème siècle (together with D. Courant), Participations, 2019/1.
  • La représentation incarnation, (together with C. Péneau and S. Hayat), Raisons politiques, 72, November 2018.
  • Sorteo y democracia/Sortition and Democracy (together with J. Costa, J.L. Moreno Pestaña, and L. Lopez Rabatel), Daimon. Revista Internacional de Filosofia, Ediciones de la Universidad de Murcia, 72, September-December 2017.
  • Wozu noch Weber? (together with H.P. Müller), Lendemains, Narr Verlag (Tübingen), 39/156, 2014.
  • Florence (1200-1530): The Reinvention of the Political, Revue française de science politique, English edition, November 2015. Previous French version: Florence (1200-1530): La réinvention de la politique (together with J. Boutier), Revue française de science politique, vol 64, 6, 2014.
  • Weber et la domination, Sociologie, 2014, vol. 3/5.
  • La représentation politique/die politische Repräsentation (together with P. Diehl and S. Hayat), Trivium, Spring 2014.
  • Repenser la représentation politique (together with S. Hayat), Raisons politiques, Presses de Science Po, 50, June 2013.
  • Methodological Challenges in Participation Research (together with J. Font and D. della Porta), Revista internacional de sociología, CSIC, Madrid, 2012.
  • Démocratie délibérative (together with J. Talpin), Raisons politiques, Presses de Science Po, 42, May 2011.

Articles (since 2015)

  • “The Three Political Imaginaries of Sortition: Deliberative, Antipolitical and Radical Democracy”, Common Knowledge, 28 (2), spring 2022 (forthcoming). Previous French version: “Les trois imaginaires du tirage au sort en politique: démocratie délibérative, antipolitique et démocratie radicale” (together with N. Abbas), Raisons politiques, May 2021, p. 33-54.
  • “Towards a Plural and Cosmopolitan Political Theory”, Raisons politiques, English version, Fall 2021 (in print). French version:  “Pour une théorie politique ouverte et cosmopolite”, Raisons politiques, Fall 2021 (in print).
  • “‘Representation’ and Dàibiǎo: a comparative study of the notions of political representation in France and China” (together with Y. Zhou), Journal of Chinese Governance, 4 (4), 2019, p. 362-389.
  • “Defining women’s representation: Debates around gender quotas in India and France” (together with V. Dutoya), Politics and Governance, 2019, 7 (3), p. 124-136.
  • “Le tirage au sort au xxie siècle. Actualité de l’expérimentation  démocratique” (together with D. Courant), Participations, 2019/1, p. 5-31.
  • “Introduction. L’histoire du tirage au sort en politique: instruments, pratiques et théories” (together with L. Lopez-Rabatel), in Participations, 2019, special issue, Tirage au sort et démocratie. Hitsoires, instruments, théories, p. 9-33. English version “Introduction. The history of sortition in politics: instruments, practices and theories”, in L. Lopez-Rabatel, Y. Sintomer (eds.), Sortition and Democracy. Practices, Instruments, Theories, Imprint Academic, Exeter, 2019, p. 1-26.
  • “Introduction: la représentation-incarnation”, (together with S. Hayat et C. Péneau), Raisons politiques, 72, November 2018, p. 5-19.
  • “La représentation-incarnation: idéaltype et configurations historiques”, Raisons politiques, 72, November 2018, p. 21-52.
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  • “The Meanings of Political Representation” (in Chinese), Foreign Theoretical Trends (国外理论动态), October 2018, p. 57-67.
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Book chapters (since 2015)

  • “Représentation”, in D. Fassin (dir.), La Société qui vient, Le Seuil, Paris, 2021 (in print).
  • “Postface: Participation, délibération et représentation dans la théorie démocratique”, in J. Mansbridge, Dispositifs de la démocratie. Entre participation, délibération et représentation, Larousse, Paris, 2021 (in print).
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  • “Introduction. Représenter avant le gouvernement représentatif”, (together with S. Hayat and C. Péneau), in S. Hayat, C. Péneau, Y. Sinomer (eds.), La représentation avant le gouvernement représentatif, PUR, Rennes, 2020, p. 7-28.
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